Vamos exercitar aqui uma coisa que nenhum de nós faz, conhecer o conteúdo do manual do usuário dos eletrônicos que compramos.

Nesse caso é o manual, muito simples, do TV Box TX9 que está vivendo uma verdadeira saga de conteúdos aqui no

Nos mesmos moldes que eu fiz com o rótulo do Militec, colocarei aqui o link para você baixar o manual em alta definição e também colocarei o texto que está contido no manual do TX9.

O texto aqui colocarei está da mesma maneira como está no manual, em inglês, posteriormente farei um vídeo traduzindo traduzindo o que está escrito no manual e você poderá assistir a este vídeo no canal GPSPezquizaOficial, onde estou postando vídeos todos os dias às 10 horas e às 17 horas.

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Links para baixar o manual do TV Box TX9 em alta definição – FRENTE, VERSO.

Texto no Manual do TV Box TX9


1. Network

1.1. Wi-Fi

Check “Wi-Fi”, System will start scanning available wireless access
points around you automatically.
Choose an access point and enter the password.

After authenticating IP address will be given to the box and “connected”
is shown, wireless connection is available now,

Notice: Wi-Fi connection and Ethernet connection are mutually excluded

1.2. Ethernet

Click “Ethernet”, box will start DHCP process automatically.
Box will automatically stop Wi-Fi connection and Up Ethernet
connection at the moment when Ethernet jack is plugged in.

When the IP address appears, the network connection is available.

2. Upgrade Steps

1) Copy OTA zip file into TF card or USB storage device.
Insert HD cable and TF card(USB storage device) with the box.

2) CoNect the other side of the HD cable to the TV HD port.

3) Insert a stick into the hole below the device
There is a reset button inside the hole. |
And keep pressing the button. |

4) Insert power adapter
(Still pressing the button) | 2

9) Pressing the reset button and hold until you see the android reboot. And use
the remote to choose “apply update from EXT” > choose “Update from TF card
(choose “Udisk” if USB storage device is applied) >> choose “
(the upgrade package file)” and press OK.

6) You will see “—install/ SD card…” It means the box is upgrading.

After upgrade, you can see “Install from SD card complete” at the bottom.

7) Use remote to choose “reboot system now” and press OK

Or plug the power adapter again to reboot the box.

8) Upgrade finished. You can see the “Welcome” interface.
Tips: You can check the build number in settings to confirm you have
updated the box successfully.

3. TroubleShooting
Problem – Solution

— No Power —
-Check if the power adapter is properly connected to the
power and the TV box |
-Press the power on the remote controller to turn on the power
-Check if the status led is blue when the box is powered.

— No pictures —
-Reconnect with HD cable or AV cable
-Check if the TV is switched on

— No sounds or distorted sounds —
-Adijust the volume
-Check that the speakers are connected correctly.

— No audio or digital output —
– Check the digital connections
-Check 1f your amplifier is set correctly

— The box does not respond to the remote control
– “Aim the remote directly at the sensor on the front of the TV box
– Reduce the distance to the TV box
-Replace the batteries in the remote control

— Player does not respond to the remote control —
– Operations may not be permitted. Refer to the user manual
– Possibility of system halted, re-insert with power adaptor to restart the TV Box.

— No sounds during movies playback —
– The audio codec may not be supported by the TV Box. You can
change the supported audio on playing menu.
– Check the volume.

— The contents of the USB flash Drive cannot be read —
-The USB flash drive format is not compatible with the box.
-If one of the USB cannot be read. Please turn off the TV box for
30 seconds and restart the TV box.

— Slow operation of the USB flash drive —
-Big file size or high resolution USE flash drive takes longer time to
read and display on the TV screen.

— No sound with HD connection —
– Check the connection between the tv and the HD jack of the box.
– Check your tv system setup.
– Check the volume.

— The tv screen is blank and the player led is blinking —
– Turn off your tv box, wait 30 seconds, turn it on again.
– If under HD status, check if HD connection is correct or change
another HD cable set to output resolution of this TV box in 720p.

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