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Author: Tim Weems

You want a flat screen TV that’s HD ready and you have heard about Lcd and Plasma TV.

But which is better, LCD or Plasma?

What is the difference?

Your requirements will actually help you make the decision.

What Screen Size do you require? Where are you going to put your TV?

LCD (liquid crystal display) – LCD TVs are becoming the most popular technology. They have many advantages such as low power consumption, ability to display the highest resolutions (1080p), LCDs are flat, many are wall mountable. The disadvantage of an LCD is that their ability to show contrast is less than some other technologies like plasma. LCDs in the past were also slower to refresh (not so with the current models). These disadvantages are quickly disappearing. Today’s LCD HDTVs have greatly improved on contrast and refresh speed. The latest LCD technology is 120hz. Most LCDs are silent with no moving parts or fans. LCD’s are brighter than Plasma HDTVs and so are better suited in well lit rooms during the day than plasmas.

Plasma displays are very popular as well. They have higher contrast than LCDs (although that gap is closing), and can display HDTV with stunning clarity. Plasma sets also display fast action (sports, action movies) better. The disadvantages of plasma are that they take more electricity than LCDs, and can generate more heat. Many have built in fans. Plasma screens are susceptible to screen burn-in (new models compensate with various screen-saving methods). Heavier than LCDs.

Some HDTV’s displays have a more limited viewing angle than others. They lose contrast and become hard to read at some viewing angles and they have more contrast and are easier to read at others. Generally the higher the viewing angle, the better. This is especially important when a group of people are watching an HDTV at the same time. Modern High Definition TVs have much better viewing angles, and it is not as big an issue as it was in the past.

You could count on at least 20 years for an LCD TV screen life, and a Good 10 years for the Plasma screen life.

When purchasing an HDTV you will see familiar top level brands such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Pioneer, etc. Then you will see 2nd tier brands that sell at substantial discounts to the top brands. We recommend only top tier brands for several reasons. One is that many of these 2nd tier brands offer poor servicing should something go wrong. Some charge you the freight to either ship the TV to them or back after repair. One brand we saw offers no parts after the one year warranty is up, so in effect it is a throwaway TV. Higher end TVs have better video processors for upconverting and reducing digital noise. For these reasons we believe that top tier brands are the best way to go even though there is a higher initial cost.

I also know where the LG 42″ LCD TV is sold, for $1029.00 and here is the description…

LG Electronics is one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, producing a large range of consumer electronics and IT products. LG has created reputation for progressive technology and innovation with the latest technological developments in consumer electronics, home appliances and IT products.PRODUCT FEATURES:1366 x 768p Resolution;ATSC/NTSC/QAM Clear Tuner;XD Engine;178? True Wide Viewing Angle;Super IPS Technology;SRS TruSurround XT;LG SimpLink;2 HDMI with HDCP.

Prices, inventory, and product information are provided by the merchants and may include any promotional discounts that are not available to all customers. We assume no responsibility for accuracy of price information provided by merchants, but please alert us to any pricing discrepancies so we can notify the merchant. Additionally, sales taxes and shipping costs are not included in listed prices, so please check with the merchant for total costs.

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