How to fix the Netflix error on LG Smart TVs, Samsung and other


Netflix is “‹”‹currently the top application for content on demand in various connected devices offered in the market.

In our view Netflix has its best partnership in connected TVs from LG where the application is robust with excellent layout and is where the consumer has the best experience with video on demand from Netflix.

Just a little problem, from time to time the application solves that will not solve more play any video that you try to play and it is the same.

For those unaware solve the problem ends up taking your TV for assistance because of little thing, so we will teach how to solve the problem.

The Netflix application failed not only in LG TVs, but in many other devices, so it’s not LG’s fault, let’s be honest.

And let the solution, press the Home button on the remote control, go to settings, select the application icon Premium and this screen will have a reset option Premium, choose this button and confirm that you want to reset your TV.

Made it to reset back to TV and stand as it were out of the factory, and then to access the Netflix it works normally.

The side effect is that all the applications you have installed on tv are deleted and have to install it again.

Added later: you can also follow the suggestion of our reader JosÉ Roberto Souza:

Richard, you do not need to reboot all applications, is reset Netflix to configure again and fix this problem.

Open the application and make a command sequence on the remote control: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up. (For those who like games, recalls a famous sequence the Konami).
The application will be mangled and when entering please enter your username and password to reconnect.

And also our player Jonathan Araujo:

I had already marked the technical visit and then decided to do factory reset, then it worked. Have to access the secret menu on UN48h6400 is mute + 182 + power, use this command with it turned off, when you have will already display the menu. That’s when the code that before starting the application on Netflix.