How to solve the loss of signal in the satellite receiver


You know when you connect the receiver with that urge to check the schedule and suddenly comes that phrase that annoys everyone: “No Signal”. What up? What to do?

It’s really a moment that makes us very upset, but we calmly look for possible causes for this problem.

– Start taking a good look at the weather, heavy clouds are a major reason that block the satellite signal to your dish.

– Then check that there is nothing blocking the signal path to the antenna and is close to her, suddenly a tree branch or any other unforeseen obstacle, as its neighbor have resolved to increase the wall height right on the your antenna may be leaving your satellite receiver unsigned.

– If this problem is not going check the cables, is much better than your cable is solid from the antenna to your satellite receiver, if he has amendments can be one of these amendments has escaped causing signal loss.

– Also in the cable if you did a good insulation against humidity in the cable can be entered and rusty water out of the loop causing the loss of signal cable that has accumulated so much water that reaches compromise the receiver, which can even to burn.

– Check also the mesh of the coaxial cable is not closing short in the LNB, if the loop somehow reach the center wire of the coax it closes short and some receivers inform this as loss of signal or LNB Panic.

– Let us now turn to the key or dividers that you use between the dish and your satellite receiver antenna, make sure these keys: diseqc, diplexer, a sign of division among others, are not damaged, it is common to leave these loose keys and not prey where they will be protected, loose keys on the floor can suffer from water that many mistresses play on the floor to clean the house.

– If you have more than one satellite receiver connected to it LNBF, it may be that the cable of one of them is causing short on LNBF and thus causing signal loss in both receptors.

– Finally make sure the satellite receiver does not have a problem with the tuner or another piece, as the source releasing less energy than is necessary for the proper operation of your satellite receiver, which ends up generating the information ‘unsigned’ in your satellite receiver.

These are some of the tips so you can verify that your satellite receiver is unsigned, has more tips to add?

Send it to us via the comments below.